Our old minibus is in desperate need of "retirement". It is so old we can never be sure it will make it back home. The distance that we can travel and the places that we can visit are limited. Choosing a route that involves any type of hill can be a real challenge.

A new minibus would open up new opportunities for our residents, widen their horizons and provide a welcome distraction for those suffering from mental health problems or overcoming addiction. Physical activity has been proven to help with mental disorders and aid recovery.


  • For our residents, being able to leave Cheltenham for a day to visit the surrounding countryside, or to travel further afield, is a welcome break and beneficial both physically and mentally.
  • For our members, we will be able to provide transport to those who are older and less able, thereby ensuring that they are able to enjoy the friendship and companionship of our activities, reducing the very real impact of loneliness.
  • We also hope to increase the range of activities that we are able to offer, by organising off-site activities - trips to places of cultural/natural interest, visits to other YMCAs, attendance at regional and national YMCA events, taking advantage of the beautiful countryside around Cheltenham and further afield.

The target

We need to raise £20,000 to purchase a new minibus which will provide the reliability that we need, ensuring that no one is excluded from any of our trips.

How you can help

£20,000 is a lot of money - but we are confident that, with your help, we will be able to achieve this target. You can make a one-off donation right now, maybe pledge the price of your daily cup of coffee for a week, or set up a regular donation by direct debit.

Other ways in which you can help are included in our fundraising pack, available from our fundraising team.

We also have sponsorship packages available if you or your company would be interested in supporting our work in this way. Please contact our fundraising team for further details.