YMCA Cheltenham has launched a new fundraising appeal to coincide with the launch of its brand new website.

For quite a few years, the bright yellow "N" registration minibus has scraped through its MOT, needing not much more than a windscreen wiper, a replacement wing mirror or a new tyre. However, it is now becoming so unreliable that staff can never be certain that it will reach its destination, especially if that destination involves climbing a hill.

It has therefore been decided that the time has come for an upgrade, to move steadfastly into the 21st century and purchase a 15-seater, wheelchair accessible minibus.

The YMCA support team is only too aware of how valuable a minibus is to the people who live at the YMCA, many of whom have never been outside of Cheltenham.  Day trips into the countryside, visits to YMCAs elsewhere in the country, museums, art exhibitions and even camping trips or taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge will all become possible with a new reliable means of transport.

Research has shown how fresh air, a change of scenery and mental stimulation can aid recovery and have a positive influence on those struggling with mental disorders.