We are delighted to announce that Family Space and YMCA Cheltenham are merging into a single charity. This is expected to occur around January 2022.

The Trustees of Family Space and YMCA Cheltenham have agreed that by coming together, both organisations will be strengthened and enriched by the other.

Family Space and YMCA Cheltenham have been working alongside each other for several years now, and so this, in many ways, is the natural next step for both organisations.

There will be no impact for existing staff and volunteers of YMCA Cheltenham, except that we will be welcoming a new group of staff and volunteers to our YMCA Cheltenham family.

Going forward, both organisations will see increased opportunities to reach more communities together, enjoying increased financial strength, benefitting from a strong organisational culture of excellence; without losing their unique identity or engagement with supporters.

You can find out more about the outstanding and important work of Family Space by visiting their website at www.familyspace.org.uk.

We are excited and looking forward to the two organisations of Family Space and YMCA Cheltenham joining forces and all we might achieve together going forward for those who need us most.