“I can confidently say that the YMCA gave me the chance to properly evaluate my life and think seriously about how I could reverse the downward spiral it had taken.

When I was brought here, I was in no position to decide what to do. The alcohol had taken away my ability to think straight and my previous landlords had decided that they could do no more to help. The only likely outcome for me was the gutter and I believe the YMCA played a key part in stopping me getting there. They didn’t have all the answers, but they did give me the space to put things right in the way I felt best and at a pace that seems to have worked. They have some exceptional support staff.

I firmly believe I have now managed to control my alcohol addiction and am now back on the career path I had been planning before I hit rock bottom. I still have a lot of work to do but am determined to reach my goal of a building a successful business.”