Isobel Johnson

Thank you for visiting our Sleep Easy 2020 fundraising page. On Friday 6th March 2020 we will be sleeping rough for one night so others don't have to, supporting the work Cheltenham YMCA does with the homeless across Gloucestershire.

YMCA Cheltenham works with some of the most vulnerable people in our society providing emergency winter accommodation for the homeless and those sleeping rough as well as providing more than 50,000 bed nights per year of supported accommodation for the homeless and those requiring a helping hand before living independently in the community.

Without this charity across our nation, we wouldn’t be in the place today we are in, able to actually make a difference, in these peoples lives, across Gloucester and Cheltenham, and across the country, and most importantly, giving people one of the most basic human rights, that everyone deserves, a roof over their heads.

This challenge, is one we are willing to do, even if it is just for a night, to somehow see things from a different perspective, and to raise awareness for such an amazing cause.

The YMCA movement builds, and changes lives for the better.

And we are proud to be apart of this community, we hope you will join us by supporting us on our journey, we just want to make somewhat of a difference, by taking part in this event, because this is such an important cause which deserves so, so, so much more awareness.

Thankyou for taking time to read this, and even just a pound that you can donate to this amazing charity, through our page, would make us so, so, so happy-

Izzy and Emily :) πŸ’–πŸ‘­

Isobel Johnson