Thank you for visiting my YMCA Sleep Easy 2019 fundraising page. On Friday 1st March 2019 I will be sleeping rough for one night, so others don't have to. I would LOVE for you to sponsor me, and this is why:

I can't tell you how unbearable my experience of sleeping rough was for just one night last year!! I thought I might get really cold so I wrapped up like a Michelin Man BUT that was no good. The rain was relentless all NIGHT LONG, NOISILY BATTERING on my cardboard box (that didn't even cover my feet); I didn't sleep a wink. The tarmac mattress was so painful, my neck ached so bad in the morning :-(

At 6am it was time to get up, I was so miserable and grumpy for not having a proper night's sleep. I went to put my walking boots back on but couldn't as they were full of water! You see cardboard boxes don't have space for personal belongings. You can hear how grumpy I was in this video:

I thanked my lucky stars because when I got home, I had a much needed warm shower, put clean clothes on, brushed my teeth and had some breakfast. We all do this every day, but do we realise how fortunate we are? I actually then went back to sleep for a few hours in my comfortable bed tucked up in a warm duvet. It was bliss!

YMCA Cheltenham works with some of the most vulnerable people in our society. They provide emergency winter accommodation for the homeless and those sleeping rough as well as providing more than 40,000 bed nights per year of supported and affordable accommodation. They offer these services for the homeless and those requiring a helping hand before living independently in the community.

If these facts make you feel sad, please sponsor me - THANK YOU SO MUCH! x

#HomelessnessIsNotAChoice Victoria Atherstone