“It is really important that even for those that may not want our help, we can still show their value and dignity as human beings.”

We want to say a big thank you to Natasha Clarke, Housing Support Worker in Vittoria Road Cheltenham, for her outstanding work. Natasha was able to secure a grant for provisional licenses for eight of our residents from the Talisman Charitable Trust, whose aim is to reduce poverty in the United Kingdom. This is a fantastic contribution to their future independence as many of our residents lack the official identification required to open bank accounts or apply for housing, added to which it may encourage them to learn to drive in the near future.

Not only this, she has contacted the Hygiene Bank. A charity organisation dedicated to tackling hygiene poverty. Hygiene Bank donated toiletries and sanitary products for the women of YMCA Cheltenham.

She went even further in organising 67 gift packs from the Dunelm Mills scheme Delivering Joy, which asks customers to take a tag from their instore Christmas Tree and fill a gift bag with items based on the interests of the individual represented by the tag.

Natasha has been a Housing Support Worker here at YMCA Cheltenham since July.
Our CEO Joseph Main has remarked upon her achievements as “The epitome of what we stand for as an organisation.