On 11th August our YMCA friend and fundraiser took to the longest zip line in Europe - which is the fastest in the world reaching a speed in excess of 100 mph over the Penrhyn Slate Quarry, North Wales... and in doing so raised an amazing £700.00 for YMCA Cheltenham. 

You can see Ann as she "flew Velocity 2" here.

We caught up with YMCA Cheltenham supporter Ann Curry and asked her how her zip line challenge went, Ann said,

Firstly a huge thank you to all who very kindly sponsored me.

The whole event was peppered with amazing views from the copper sulphate colouring the lake the most astonishing bluey green, to the view of the mountains from the launch cabin at the top of the quarry, all bathed in glorious sunshine.

11am and all kitted up in harness, helmet and goggles then onto stage one on a smaller zipline low over the lake to the safari type trucks to take us up to the top. Rickety ride up through quarry with many hairpin bends to launch cabin. A few nervous minutes suspended on the cable waiting for the 3-2-1 then hurtling off down and over a precipice, over the lake and whoosh onto the landing pad. All over in not much more than 30 seconds - mission accomplished.

"Why did you do this Ann?" was the question we just had to ask our intrepid fundraiser, 

I decided to do this for YMCA as it was a slightly different challenge and seemed also to capture the sense of personal achievement, building self confidence and literally, launching out for the benefit of others. All of which I believe are very much in line with the YMCA ethos.

I'm not sure what comes next, possibly something sedate like sitting in a bath of baked beans!! Thank you you again to all.

Ann, a huge thank you from everyone at YMCA Cheltenham.