Some frequently asked questions… 

Are there minimum age requirements to enter Sleep Easy?

You have to be over 18 to take part on your own for Sleep Easy. If you are aged 11-17 (School Year 7 and up), you must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian aged 25 years or older for the entire event. 

Do I need sponsors?

To take part in our event we ask you to commit to raising a minimum of £100. This can be through sponsorship, or however you decide best. In asking for sponsorship you are also raising awareness of the issue of homelessness and the work of YMCA Cheltenham locally to address this issue. You can set up your online Sleep Easy fundraising page here.

Sponsorship for Young Sleepers

If you're at school and taking part we understand it can tough to raise sponsorship money, we just ask that you raise as much as possible by asking your teachers, family and friends.

Do I need to bring my own box?

Yes! This year we are asking participants to bring your own materials to make your own shelter. You will need to be resourceful just as if you found yourself homeless and had to sleep rough. It doesn’t just have to be a box, be creative, we just ask for you keep to the spirit of the event. Think outside the box!

Do I have to sleep out all night?

To provide real insight into what it is like for a homeless person sleeping on the streets of our town, we would encourage you to sleep out for the whole night. As a small incentive, the event will end with a delicious hot breakfast for those who make it through till morning!

Is it safe to sleep out all night?

Yes. There will be YMCA staff present and awake throughout the night to make sure all participants feel safe and supported during the event. The police are fully aware and supportive of the event.

Is there any parking?                             

There will be no parking on site so we ask that you travel by public transport (the A bus stops right outside the centre on Arle Road) or arrange for someone to drop you off. We cannot guarantee that parking will be available. YMCA Cheltenham does not accept liability for the loss of or damage to any vehicle left in the area overnight.

How do I take part?

Getting signed up couldn't be easier, just click the sign up link at the bottom of the page then select a Sleep Easy Ticket and follow the steps to book your place. You will also have the option to set up your own fundraising page on our website once you have registered. When sponsoring you, your supporters will also have the opportunity to read more about our work and how their money will be used. Can't take part but would like to volunteer? Contact us and we will let you know how you can help.

Why does it cost £10?

The cost of the ticket covers all administration and breakfast costs which means every penny you raise in sponsorship goes directly to the work we do with the homeless.

Can I setup an online fundraising page?

Yes you can! Once you have booked your place visit our  Sleep Easy 2020 Appeal page and click on the fundraise button. 

What are you waiting for?

Sign up now and be a part of someone's future.

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